The way to heaven out of all places is of length and distance.


This book by Thomas More should be read this CAUTION!


OK. Don’t get me wrong. I am sure for its time it was an innovation and all together signified something great but today it doesn’t offer much.

It is a conversation between two friends. One is describing the New World aka America and the dreams and opportunities that the new place is offering to people. Other than this it doesn’t offer much. Descriptions and ideals are there but there is nothing to even prompt you to imagine the new utopian world that the characters are discussing about.

I read this last summer when I was 22 and I still can’t seem t shake off the bad impression it left me.

However, I have to say – being an English Literature student that maybe it is addressed to a more mature audience. I believe that I simply don’t have at this pint in my life what it takes in reader to understand the significance of what is said here.

I will definitely read it again in five years. I just want to find out if I will be able to handle it then.

Have you read this?Did you like it?

3/5 stars

Enjoy and Happy reading!


5 thoughts on “UTOPIA

      1. Thanks for the advice! I try to read a specific number of classic books per year whether I like them or not( in most cases I don’t) and I may read it in 2018-2019. As for Emma, at first I didn’t like the character and thought the plot deeply uninteresting and predictable but now I like it more. I had seen some episodes of a TV Serial but didn’t recall anything.

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