How to Read a Book per Day

I know that for many of you a book per day is intimidating but hear me out. When you choose to read a relatively small book between 250-350 pages long, then there is no reason for you to feel scared. Starting in the morning, set a goal to read 3 to 5 chapters -depending on [...]


Chilling & Reading – Goodreads Edition

Even though the TBR (To Be Read) pile keeps growing, I decided to take my time and read at my leisure. Last year I had a goal according to my Goodreads challenge to read 100 books, but missed the mark by nine books. So when 2017 rolled around I wanted to go over and beyond, [...]

Book Wars: Ebook vs Hard Copy

A current universal debate, not only among bookworms, but also among everyday people who care about the environment has occurred. Ever since, kindle devices, smartphones and tablets could support the electronic version of a book, a war has erupted. Bookworms from around the world have to take a stance. So as a vivid book reader [...]

Reading in Bed

We read in bed because reading is halfway between life and dreaming   I don't have much time to actively read this semester but I decided to dedicate an hour each morning while having breakfast. It's relaxing and helps me to begin my day in a creative way. I don't have to think about obligations [...]

Autumn Bookish Goals

I am a Summer born person who loves Fall!   The leaves are falling, there is a slight breeze and you just want to cozy up with a hot pumpkin spice beverage. This month I participate through my instagram account in a bookish challenge, the #OctoberLibrary17. It helps me keep organised and map out the [...]

Bookstagram is a Way of Living

Maybe I am not the one to talk but nevertheless, I wanted to share my point of view since I am fairly new at Bookstagram. I started my account at the beginning of August and I just wanted to share my opinion on books that I liked and talk with people who have read either [...]