Shatter Me Series – Review 

This series have the most eye catching covers! Get it? Get it?

OK, apart from my cold- Arctic Poll worthy- puns, I think that this is the review for those who want to read something easy and interesting. 

The series have mystery, romance and are as breezy as they can get without loosing sight of the genre. Think of these books as a lighter version of Hunger Games and Divergent. 

The series begin with Shatter Me and for the first 25-30 pages, you are going to be confused. It’s not your fault but you are going to feel disoriented and you are going to need answers and you are going to need them now. This book had me on the edge of my seat, bitting my nails and thinking that things can’t be this straightforward. Meaning girl gets rescued, boy falls in love with girl – he is the only who has immunity to her deadly gift- and the villains is a bad as he seems. Nope. Appearances can be deceiving. And in this case they were. Of course, as any other YA dystopian novel that’s part of a series, this ended with a cliffhanger and more unanswered questions than I could count!

But everything was good because Unravel Me was just around the corner!

Unravel me was as predictable as any second installment in a book series can get! It completely bypassed the major cliffhanger of Shatter me and for about 30-40 pages in, I wasn’t even sure if I have picked up the correct book. But of course I had. This was just a unique mechanism employed by Mafi to keeps us disoriented. I have to say I liked this book because I got to see a lot more of Romance here. And what is more, the inner struggle of Juliette and Warren was just everything that I could have asked for!

Ignite me is still on my TBR list as is Restore Me. I’m trying not to rush through the series because I know I can finish these in like 3 days! 😂

Let me know if you’ve read the series and if yes, did you like it? 


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