Short stories

I wasn’t familiar with the short story world up until the moment I started my studies. 
I acquired my bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature in 2018 and I really got to learn a lot about storytelling.

I used to think that in order to express your self and to convey meaning and hidden messages you had to explore your topic in a book, a play or even a poem with a little imagination. 

I didn’t expect that authors could make me get attached to a short story. But I stand corrected. I got to take a literary class dedicated to short stories.

I read stories by Jackson, Bradbury and Kureishi. I let my imagination fill in the blanks just like I did in poetry and I got to explore places that I haven’t visited before.

Many people don’t count short stories in their yearly reads and only include them when they are part of a collection. However, since I feel so many thing while reading short stories, it would be like cheating if I didn’t include them in my GoodReads books.
What do you think? 


4 thoughts on “Short stories

  1. Hello: Short Stories really have their own literary merit which is separate from a novel. I’ve heard novelists say at readings, they became a novelist because they really could not master the stand alone short story. Some writers can do both. Also I think short stories can be a literary entry point for younger readers. I often give Salinger’s and Chekov’s stories collections, I think both are titled “Nine” to older teens. Sadly though, not many agents take short story collections, a few do but I think sometimes they can be difficult to get published but it seems like they may be having a resurgence again. Just one opinion here.


      1. You are welcome and I should also mention I’ve read great short story collections by Willa Cather, Eudora Welty, Dorothy Parker and Louisa May Alcott–thrillers actually by Alcott and they are my favorite of everything I’ve read from Alcott and I think very underrated. More recently, Mary Gaitskill and Aimee Bender — very strong short story collections. “The Secretary” made into the movie with James Spader was from Gaitskill’s collection: “Bad Behavior.” Happy reading!


  2. Thanks for sharing these, I have been wanting to read more short stories during the middle of the week when I have less time so this was a perfect post to come across. Also, I always count short stories in my goodreads challenge, they are stories you read so why wouldn’t it count?


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