Bookmarks and BookmarkedCo

Bookmarks are the best bookish accessories for me! I always carry two with me and what better way to mark the page you have stopped reading at than a custom made fandom bookmark. Unfortunately all shops had really priced shipping costs so I decide to take matter in my own hands 😉 

And so… It has been a year since I opened my shop on Etsy, BookmarkedCo!

It’s been a great journey, I got to explore my creative side and I was utterly surprised at the ideas I had, content creation wise. 

My first love was of course Harry Potter and that is why my first bookmark was dedicate to my favorite fandom. Later on fandoms like ACOTAR, Game of Thrones and Six of Crows followed and my collection is growing every month. 

I never knew I was capable of something this creative. Who knew?! 😂 

If you have time, don’t hesitate to check out my shop.

Do you use bookmarks or pretty much anything will work as a page marker for you? 


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