Beautiful Spines

I didn’t always pay attention to the cover but in the last two years collecting editions has become like a hobby to me.

I know it’s not always the most sound idea to spend money to books that I may already have or to editions that are costly, but Bookstagram has really “forced my hand on this”. 

I mean how can I keep a Bookstagram account if I don’t have beautiful books. I know many of you are going to say that this is not what Bookstagram is all about and I agree. I started my account based purely on my love for books but down the road I learned to love photography as well at an equal love.

For instance, when it was time to buy my King of Scars copy, I decided to go all out and I actually bought the hardcover edition instead of the paperback. And boy was I rewarded. It it beautiful, one of the most precious editions I own and it actually photographs amazingly with or without its sleeve 😉 

Similarly when I visit London earlier this year, I decide to pick a Wuthering Heights Barnes and Nobles edition. It’s leather bound and purely amazing! And I regret nothing 😂

Do you go all out when buying books or you look for the most afortable options? 

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