Bookish Mugs

To be honest I didn't start collecting bookish Merch till about a year ago but I have since collected a few more tokens to add to my collections. My most favorites are the mugs. As I person who drinks coffee everyday you understand that my mug collection is enormous. So my first ever bookish mugs [...]

Harry Potter Illustrated Editions

As you may very well know, I'm a true Potter head at heart. It took my a lot of time to finally acquire the illustrated editions by Jim Kay and I have to day, I don't regret them. The illustrations are truly beautiful and only true Potter heads can appreciate them. I understand that everyone [...]

February TBR

I know the phrase "So many books, so little time" has become tiring but let me tell you something... It's true! I have so many books and let's be honest, I keep buying more, while my free time keeps shrinking and shrinking.  In January my only responsibility was to work, and I work from home, [...]

Fantastic Beasts and where to find them & The Crimes of Grindelwald – Review

I really love reading scripts of plays or films. It is an insight into the world I love most, right after books, movies! I was really fortunate to have these sent to me as a gift during Christmas Time - and it was hands down the best gift I have received so far! When I [...]

Christmas Wishlist – Book Edition

WINTER IS COMING! With Christmas fast approaching, I don't know which books to stock up on, in order to be all set for the Holidays. I have been meaning to buy some series like the Vampire Academy and the Divergent series since I have only read them in ebook and I would really like to [...]

Multiple Editions

Let's face it, there is NO such thing as too many books. Here is the live example -->  The most proud collection that contains multiple editions is my Harry Potter collection!!! I first bought the books one by one in Greek, since it is my first language. During the publication of the last book, I [...]

Umbridge & Villains

We love to hate her. J.K Rowling created a character that boarders a caricature. Anyone, who has read The Order of the Phoenix knows that there is a special place for Dolores Umbridge in hell. Some even hate her more than Voldemort. I mean Voldy had his reasons, wrong reasons, but reasons non-the less. Whereas [...]