Reading The Classics

If you keep track of my Goodreads and Instagram accounts you will see many of the classics there. Jane Austen, Emily Bronte, Shakespeare, Mary Shelley, Oscar Wilde, Victor Hugo etc. It is not just because I am an English Literature student, I mean of course t played a huge part and I discovered more and [...]


No Time for Reading – College Life

Yeah guys it is official the semester has began! Run, Hide and wish for the best!   It is that stressful time of the year when I have to study day and night to make sure that the prior three years of hard work won't go down the drain. This year I am a senior [...]

Jane Austen Ruined Me Forever

It's true once you read the ideal romance as presented in Austen's novels you will never be able to go back!   The first novel that actually ruined me and set my standards way up high is of course "Pride and Prejudice". Darcy and Elisabeth are what I am looking for in a relationship and [...]